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ASTROC AS Technology is founded and managed by a group of seasoned technocrats with the vision and mission to Make Airborne Technologies an accessible and scalable platform for a multitude of operations and covering diverse set of Industries and applications.

We have tremendous experience in precision manufacturing of defense equipment and have been suppliers of spare parts for HAL, DRDO, BEL, BDL and many more such organizations.

>35+ Years Manufacturing Experience in Defense Production. >Advanced Equipment like Curing Ovens, CNC Machines to Ensure precision manufacturing and Production. >Quality Control Process to ensure max Reliability. 

Our 35+ Years of production experience with defense and government Clients is directly adopted in design and development of RPA’s and Ensuring quality standards based on qCi certification criteria and data CAR requirements which Are currently being proposed for Implementation. 

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Custom built Airborne solutions for multitude of operations.

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