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Aerial Services

Mission Planning and data acquisition 

Aerial Photo and Videography

Rentals of video drones for wedding, real estate and aerial videography services for promotion of properties.

GIS Mapping Data Acquisition

Our Mapping and Survey Grade drones are equipped with state-of-the-art mapping sensors with 3 cm/px precision mapping capabilities. Our Survey ready drones are provided as DAAS for data acquisition.


Aerial Surveillance 

Aerial Surveillance with actionable intelligence with pattern recognition and tracking systems to enable autonomy on surveillance operations 


Critical Infra and Asset Inspection Services 

Critical Infra and Asset Inspection services for predictive maintenance. Solar farms, wind farms, power grids, highway and railway related inspections. 

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Payload Drones for Delivery

Our heavy Payload Delivery Drones are capable of medical package delivery and cargo delivery drones in the form of DAAS.

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